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Quick drawing of a pug in Sketchbook Pro (my first pug)

Teddy Bear

Teal Piggy

Hound Dog

Done in Sketchbook Pro

Cartoon Bus

For a kid's educational book-done in Illustrator 

Hamburg Chicks for HRC

This is the sketch and final pin for a pin that I designed using chicks for Hard Rock Cafe Hamburg

Final Color

Rough Sketch

Rough concept done in Sketchbook Pro for a book cover/pre-k

New Illustrations

New illustrations from a pre-k educational book series

Preschool Book

Done in Illustrator CS5

Big Shaggy Dog

Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop


Scottie done in Photoshop CS5

Children's Book Illustration

Disney Christmas Bulb Frame and Mystery Pin Set

My idea, my illustrations and graphic designs for box and frame mock up This is the frame set holding all 13 of the pins  This is the box for the mystery set These are the first 8 bulbs

Purple Elephant

My little purple elephant character from a children's book I wrote and illustrated a million years ago. :)

The Bear

New West Highland White Terrier Playing in the Leaves

Girl in Cafe

I like to think she is in France.

Some Sketches Children's Book

A couple sketches for children's books