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How Many Times Have You Seen It?

Trees in the Street

It makes me sad to see trees in the street. 

Get Well Soon

First Day of Winter

Rey The Force Awakens

Because she's the ultimate badass Star Wars character!! I can't wait for 8 to see what happens next!  ‪#‎ Rey‬   ‪#‎ TheForceAwakens‬   ‪#‎ BB8‬


My submission for this month's SCBWI Draw This prompt. I didn't have time to do a fully colored finished one, so this is what I came up with this morning.  smile emoticon   ‪#‎ scbwidrawthis‬

SCBWI November Draw This

Illustration for SCBWI Contest

Rest in Peace James Horner

SCBWI Draw This

  ‪#‎ scbwidrawthis  my illustration for this month's draw this prompt-adventure

Will Terry on Doing Test (FREE) Illustrations for Jobs I am posting this video today because I really like what my colleague-Will Terry has to say. Some artists get really upset with this kind of thing, but it's part of being an artist. In animation and illustration it is common and for the most part I don't mind doing a test image. Sometimes companies, or people will pay for the test and sometimes they don't. It really depends, so before you decide to do it, you really have to ask yourself a few questions. 1. Do I have time to do a professional test? 2. Is this job worth it for me? 3. What is the likelihood that I will get the job? The last one is because sometimes in animation, the studios will give 100+ people the same test and then it really is just a Craps shoot on whether you will get the job or not. Usually, these days, I stay away from those. I used to do them, but one animation studio-who I won't say which-I passed the same test 9 tim

New Doggie Illustrations

This one isn't quite this bright when printed, but it is here so it would print correctly. 

My Submission for April MATS

Yay One of My Illustrated Books is Out!

Yay! I worked on this in 2014 with a great indie author. I am super excited to announce that it's now available.

Happy Paddy's Day

Have a great and fun Paddy's Day, but do not call it "Patty's" Day please and and thank you!

Rest In Peace Dempsey

This is a painting of a dear friend's Westie, Dempsey. He passed away just over two weeks ago. I lost my first Westie, Finnegan in Jan of 2012 and I was beyond crushed. I wanted to give her something to remember him by. Although I know she has a ton of photos and even other drawings by me-more cartoony. In fact we met when she won an auction for a custom illustration. I love the way this turned out-but to be honest, it was hard. I cried and cried while painting. Dempsey is missed by all who knew him. I hope you like it.

For Make Art That Sells-Randolph In His First Illustration

SCBWI Winter Conference

Hey everyone! So I just got back from the SCBWI Winter conference. I will post an update-recap soon on things. But I wanted to just swing by and let you know that I am back, but am catching up first, before blogging. I hope you are all great and having a great Monday.

New Illustration Inspired by The Snow in NYC and...

The SCBWI WINTER CONFERENCE. Okay I admit, I had to buy gloves, because I don't think fingerless gloves will do it in 10 degrees. LOL. I am super excited to go to NYC for many reasons. Mostly I can't wait for the conference. I hope you like this quick illustration I finished this morning. I always make a few versions to be social media friendly. Have a super day and if you are on the east coast, PLEASE BE SAFE.

New Work

Here is some new work I have done recently. I hope you like it!