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Custom Doggie Illustration Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day Special on custom doggie illustrations. Contact me now  for 25% off and free shipping.

New Owls!

I worked on a new design for the collage assignment in MATS. This is so much fun!

Be Happy-the Process for MATS Wall Art Assignment

So I got a few messages from fellow Matsians (people in my MATS A class) about this today-yes it is digital-I did scan in tissue paper-but my scanner is on the Fritz so I pieced it together in Photoshop. I drew the owl in Sketchbook-just the black outline with the pen tool-it's like a Sharpie, then I painted it in PAINTER using gouache, digital watercolor and water color-then I brought it over to photoshop where I layered everything-all my scanned in pieces. Then I painted in Photoshop with airbrush and regular paint brush-with multiple on. Some of the images are from photos I took with my iPhone of stuff in my apt as well. I brought them into Photoshop as well. :) Then when it was all done, I brought it back to Sketchbook pro did the lettering and then used magazine clipping art to do the colors in the words.

Meet Peluci-New Doggie Illustration for a FB friend

Update on Captive8

So the owner of Captive8 in Australia has apologized to me, but she has not paid me. She is upset with me for sharing what she did on here and other social media. I again will say I am not trying to hurt her, but I want to make other artists aware that someone is stealing artwork from the internet and using it. I have given her the chance to pay me and then I told her that I will definitely post this. The new story is that someone else gave my work to her. She hasn't told me who, and hence why it appears to me that she is lying because her first reaction was to say that it looked "similar". It's a real shame that someone would run their company this way. She needs to pay and I am giving her a huge break on my licensing fee, so you would think she would do this instead of having a lawsuit. I will keep you posted! My drawing that I posted here April 17, 2014 The logo that she made sometime this month. As you can see she used the EXACT same image, she didn

Manitou Springs!

My Art Was Stolen By Captiv8 Solutions Australia

Today I discovered that my art was stolen and used for a logo without payment. It is for a fundraising charity, but if they did take it, the graphic design company did ' I am really not happy. I have sent cease and desist and waiting. As you can see this is the EXACT same drawing, even the line stroke is the same. Here is my blog post from LAST April 17th. This is where the company lifted it from.

F.O.X. in MATS A!

This week we have been doing foxes. I have tons of different ideas and designs. One thing that I always do is start with a  page of SKETCHES...usually more realistic before I go to cartoony. Here are all my sketches from the mini assignment!

ARGH!! Pirate Baby Apparel- For Fun

I am in the A MATS not MATS B, so I didn't get this assignment, but I decided to try it anyhow.

Feed the CREATIVE Beast!

Even if you aren't a professional artist it's important to have that creative outlet, even if it's singing badly in your car! Make sure to feed that beast and have fun!!

New Design for MATS A

We got the mini assignment to do succulents, I did these designs late Monday night. :)

Succulents for MATS A

Today I decided to really do some sketching for the mini assignment in MATS A with Lilla Rogers. These were really fun. I sketched them in Sketchbook Pro. (Best program for sketching) 

Final for Week One MATS A with Lilla Rogers

The final assignment that I handed in for MATS A Bolt Fabric. I am learning so much. I wanted to keep this in my style. I really love this class!!