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2016 to Now. It's Happening :(

Done in 2016 because I was afraid of what would happen. Done today because of what has happened.

Rest in peace Koko

My elephant

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Books For Brains to Help Fight Alzheimer's

I lost my father in 2012 from dementia so this is personal to me. It's devastating when you call your parent and they don't know who you are and or are confused about things. We had six long years of this. I'm proud to donate and participate in this challenge. Thank you  Loren Long  and  Louise Borden From Loren "We'd also love if you participated in our Napkin Elephant Challenge. To join in on the fun, follow these steps : 1. Draw a doodle of an elephant on a napkin and sign it. 2. Take a picture of your doodle. 3. Post the picture on your favorite social media platform and help spread the word by including our website  and the hashtags #books4brains and #endalz.

Happy Pride Weekend 2018

RIP Anthony Bourdain

New Illustration Los Angeles

This is an illustration I did for a contest. The top is the one I will use for my own work. The bottom is the contest submission. It was really fun.

Raising Money for Suicide Prevention Prints

For this month I'm going to be selling these prints on my website and donating 50% of the proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  please go here to purchase. Put your address in the notes. US and CANADA only for now--if you are in Europe or elsewhere message me for shipping rates.

Rest in Peace Kate Spade

Always Be Kind Star Wars The Last Jedi Rose