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New Drawings to Help a Kickstarter Campaign for a Fellow Children's Book Academy Alumni

I was asked by a fellow Children's Book Academy graduate to donate a couple drawings for her kickstarter campaign. I get asked this a lot, but I am very picky about who I will do that for. I love the idea of this and her company so I happily donated these two drawings for the campaign. If you are interested please go to the link I provided to see more about this. It's a great idea for kids. I love it.  This is the link to the kickstarter campaign that I have two illustrations up as a reward  If you want one of my limited edition prints, you can back this awesome project for kids and get one. 

New Doggie Illustration

Keep Going

This was the inspiration drawing I did for my free newsletter which I call "free smiles" on my site and "Doodles and Fun" if you want to sign up, here is how-click here. So I made this and posted it because things have been hard lately for so many of my artists friends and it's super easy to give up when instead we all need to keep going. Giving up is always the easiest thing to do. It's hard to follow your creative passion and dreams especially when there is little or no money coming in, trust me I know! So I did this as an inspiration and I hope that you will also keep going. If you want to comment on how you are pushing forward and what obstacles are holding you back, feel free to, I'd love to hear from you. :) Have a super day and don't ever give up. 

Donate to Help Me Pay For School

Hi everyone so I have been going to B School with Marie Forleo and I love it, it's amazing. In fact next year when I am richer or richer I plan on giving away a scholarship to artists who want to go but can't afford it. So to make that happen I need to stay in and continue learning. I need some help covering the last month of tuition so I created a sale on my limited edition prints to do just that. You can go to my Pinterest page and see them. You can see the artwork that I am selling to raise funds for B School tuition here on Pinterest too  thank you for sharing and supporting-this is the last payment. Yay!\ Or you can go right to my website!prints/c1qno Thank you for the support of my art and my school. Giving gratitude to all of you! 

Stolen Art Work Debacle Continues

Hey everyone so I am not writing this to be negative but rather to share info that could help other artists in the future. Recently I was made aware that a drawing I had done in April of 2013 was taken from a blog post and used without my permission for a logo. MY DRAWING from April 2013 The way she took it for the logo and banner. I contacted the person who runs this charity, he took it down, then told me the graphic design company did it, but kept saying he wanted to use it without paying for it. I offered for him to buy it at a super discounted rate, but he didn't want to pay me a dime-kept playing the "charity" cards.  I have asked the graphic design company for payment and they have not complied at this time. Against the advice of a lawyer, I offered to do another DRAWING of a Westie for the person who is running this charity. FOR FREE. yes for FREE. I offered to help him out since he was in a bad situation. Well then a couple weeks went by

New One of a Kind Digital Watercolor in a Show This is the link to the show I am a part of in Los Angeles this weekend. What can I say? The shop is awesome, the show is awesome, the doggie rescue is awesome. If you are in L.A, make sure to swing by tomorrow May 10th from 5:30 on in Eagle Rock! It will be great, I promise!