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Happy New Year!

Today is the last day of December and 2013.. wow 2013 how did that happen? Seems like yesterday I was at Disney working on Hercules, and now it's 2013, well 2014. Crazy. This year has been very exciting for me. I started two new ventures, custom doggie illustrations and costume kid's books. I have been very lucky and happy that people like my work and I have been able to do what I love and survive. Losing my illustration job in May was the best thing that happened to me, and sure it's been hard financially some months, my life is better in every way possible. I am starting new ventures this year, so please keep checking back and hopefully I will make it to at least one CON and will be in a few shows, at least in LA. Also stop by my website for more information and where to buy my artwork. MY WEBSITE and in the meantime, here is my last illustration for 2013! Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Crows!

Mixed media crows. Corel Painter X3 for the bgs, sketchbook pro for the crows, then I went over them in acrylic paint once on the canvas. I used photo reference for them. These are 10 x 10. I like the way they came out, my sister did too-as these were some of her holiday presents. 

New Sketches in Sketchbook Pro-Sisters

Christmas in the '70s! Done in Sketchbook Pro

New Westie in My Shop

Christmas is over so all the holiday cards are out of my shop until next fall, but there are new Westies and Scotties coming. Here is a new Westie that just came to my shop! Full of Westietude!

My Illustrations Are Up-Spooky Kids' Magazine Here are some of my illustrations in this magazine.

A New Style-Sort Of

I recently was asked to draw in this different style for a client overseas, the characters have no facial features and there are no outlines on the drawings. Here are two that I did in Sketchbook Pro as samples for them.

Sneak Hobbit

I am working on a new illustration in a series I have been doing for fun of TV, film and book characters as kids. This one was inspired by the huge film that came out last weekend! This is just a sneak of the whole drawing. More to come soon. 

Logo Design

Logo design I created this week. Here are a few colors, the red and blue is the final one the client chose. 


Today I was contacted about a possible illustration job out of Paris! I have always wanted to go, I am sure this job can be done from here, but I was inspired. Here is my illustration.

Happy Holidays from Sunny Southern California

Valerie and Tavish enjoying themselves on the beach in SoCal for the holidays. Look she even built a sandman snowman! Happy holidays everyone it's 85 degrees here. 

Scottie Ad for My Shop

Someone on FB sent me this today, it popped up on her screen. Yay. I would love if everyone saw it and went to my shop! I have tons of Westie and Scottie merch there. Please swing by

My 2-D Liberation Movement Drawing This is a concept sketch from one of my personal projects of Crissie and Valerie. I am using them in prints and books now, but am working on something for animation as well. I donated this sketch drawn by hand to the  2-D Liberation Movement that Tony White is putting together in a book from artists like me from traditional animation and supporters of traditional animation. I am thrilled to be included in such a great group of artists! Check out the link below my drawing for more information and to see some great work.                           

My '80s Pin Design for HRC

Here is the 80s pin in that series! My sketch to the left the final pin on the right. Its so funny to see all my work getting made and sold ('60s and '70s in this series SOLD OUT) because my boss at this place, HATED me and everything I turned in.. and yet it's all getting sold. Hehehe This was part of a SNOW GLOBE series that I came up with and pitched to the sales rep/account exec for the Hard Rock Cafe store. It's just one of my series that was made and sold to them. I'll keep posting them as I see them. It's hard to keep up with these and also the Disney ones. Since I am not working at this place - the aforementioned boss let me go cuz he didn't like me or my work about 7 months ago - it's not always easy to find them, especially Disney, but I am always excited to see my work made. That was my first real consumer products job and I did hundreds of des


                                                        Maleficent done in Illustrator CS5

Creepy Illustrations and for Kids!!

These are for children, but for a scary childrens' magazine. I will let you know when they are published, but here are my first creepy kids' illustrations. They will a lot of fun.  Done 100% in Sketchbook Pro. :)

Dr. Who Illustration for Charity Auction Next Weekend

I am so excited that I get to be a part of this show with many talented artists. I love Dr. Who and this is my favorite Dr. I decided to do my illustration in the style of my childrens' books to be consistent and also how fun is it to think of our doctors as kids? I may just do the lot-yes all of the doctors!!

Scottie in the Snow

I had to do a Scottie as well!

New Snow Day Westie

New Westie illustration using Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop on my Cintiq ;) 

Another Hard Rock Cafe Set I Designed

Last fall I pitched a ton of series to the Hard Rock cafe reps at the pin company I was working as an illustrator for. I left that company in May. Many of my designs were sold and made into pins. I am just seeing a lot of them. Here is a train set that I pitched and it just went up on the online HRC site. I am excited to see my work up! My original sketches above and below are the final pins.


Last year I designed a set of pins and pitched this to Disney-via the pin company I was with. When I left that company in may I had heard it was canceled. I am so excited to see that it wasn't. Here is the link  My original sketches for the pitch.  They were also considering a frame set with all twelve. This was the design I did for that pitch. The actual pins from the article!! Yippee!!! So excited!!

My Ad is Live Modern Dog Magazine!

So excited to have my ad live in Modern Dog Magazine, both their online store and in the print edition. Please check it out. Then when you see it, click on it and go to my page for some examples (under doggies). Yippee! And today is the final day of my 50% off at both my Etsy store  and my custom doggie illustrations.