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Inktobers Day 25-31 Sorry Got Behind Posting Here

Got behind on here. I'm at a writing conference so I'm usually posting just to Instagram and Twitter @stepholivieri to follow me there, but I will catch up here too. 

Inktober Day 24_Blind

Inktober Day 23-Juicy

Inktober Day 22 Trail

New Class Work - Illustrating Children's Books

These are class assignments for my Make Art That Sells Illustrating Children's Books class that I'm in with Lilla Rogers and art director Zoe Tucker.  It's really fun to do something like this not for work but just for my portfolio. 

Inktober Day 21 Furious

Inktober Day 20 Deep

Inktober Day 19 Cloud

Inktober 2-17 Day 18 Filthy

MATS Illustrating Children's Books Rough Sketchs

Inktober Day 17 Graceful

Inktober Day 16

Inktober Days 13,14 and 15

Inktober Day 12 Shattered

Inktober Days 10 and 11

Inktober Days 5-9

Inktober Day 3 and 4

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday! Day three POISON Day four UNDERWATER

Heartbroken RIP Tom Petty

Las Vegas Mandalay Senseless Death

Inktober Day 2

Inktober 2017 Day 1