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Donations to the Roos N More Zoo Auction

I am so excited that I could be a part of this auction. I did these two original illustrations for it. :)


Professional badges were available today so I had to do a drawing to mark the occasion. I can't wait, I love the CON!!! 

New Scotties!

 New Scotties-custom doggie illustration commission I finished this week. I love drawing these guys. Done in Sketchbook Pro.

New Crissie and Wriggly Painting From Children's Book

Some new illustrations from my children's book with Crissie and Valerie.. I am experimenting with coloring the full bgs or just doing partial color. I think I like partial for this project. We'll see. :)  COPYRIGHT STEPHANIE OLIVIERI 2014 not to be copied or reproduced. 

Wheaten Scotties!!

New Wheaten Scotties in my shop-a lot of people have asked me why I didn't have more Wheatens in my shop, probably because my family's Scotties were always black-sorry about that. My little Christmas Wheaton was a favorite so now I have more in the shop

This is Wicked Cool-Report Done on Me For Class Project

I am so flattered this 8 year old boy did an art report for this class assignment on me! Here is the board he created from some one sheets I sent him.. I cropped the picture to protect him since he is a child and not my child I didn't want to post his photo-but isn't that cool? Made my day. He also sent me a few short interview questions.

Art Show Nov 7 Animation Guild Burbank California

Yippee! Save the date November 7th! I am having an art show at the animation guild with 9 other super talented artists. Since it's so early there isn't much to say except it will be great, so please check back for updates, sneak peeks and news about the show. Here is the list of artists: Stephanie Olivieri Jennifer Gheduzzi  Lili Chin Sherry DeLorme Brianne Drouhard Jessica Hendron Liz Climo Kelley Frisby Daisy Church Anand Duncan

It's A Starbucks Kind of Day

Today I woke up with a pile of work and a migraine, the cure? Starbucks of course! Here is a quick sketch I did of the girls with my favorite drink at Starbucks. Venti, breve, caramel, macchiato.. YUMMY!!

Humor Book Illustrations

Sneak peek at my illustrations for the humor book, Lessons From Dating the Wrong Men written by Kelly Rossi. Not sure when it comes out, but be sure to check back for updates. COVER illustration                                                    INSIDE illustrations

I Love You Westie-New Drawing

New I love you Westie for Valentine's Day in my shop

I'm Sorry It's Cold Where You Are.... Wrigley at the Beach

Illustration of Wrigley in Santa Monica---oh SoCal you are so great in the winter. Done in Sketchbook Pro

My La Befana Illustration

Today is Jan 6th and my father always gave us a gift and told us it was from La Befana. I still keep that tradition as well as keeping my decorations up through Jan7th. Here is my illustration of her.