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Last Day of July!

Omg it's the last day of July! Things are getting really busy for me and I am very excited about all of them. The first thing happening starting tomorrow is the SCBWI summer conference in Los Angeles, which is SOLD OUT! If you don't know, the SCBWI is the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I do both, professionally. I have illustrated about 18 books now and written a few picture books for a mobile app company I worked for in 2012/2013 called FarFaria. I am currently pitching my early chapter book series entitled Uli Driscoll in Trouble, and will have a dummy at the conference attached to my portfolio. I am currently taking a revision workshop to finally get Ryuan - my then YA, now MG series into better shape. After a few rejections I took a closer look. At the conference I am splitting my time between writing workshops and illustrator workshops, I am also in the portfolio showcase-and even t

Happy Birthday Batman!

I have always loved BATMAN!! I did this illustration today to mark the occasion. Who is YOUR favorite Batman?

Kicking the Cancer Monster Illustration

New Character Studies-Style Study

As you may know I spent the spring getting my EARLY chapter book finished and illustrated, all 70 pages, yup SEVENTY but before that I started roughing out my picture book. I am working on developing the style guide and character study for it. Today I did these two illustrations that probably won't be in the book, but rather just getting to know my two youngest characters in the book-Valerie, her friend Tommy and her Scottie-Tavish. I hope you like them!

New Designs for the Wee One

Yesterday I created a couple new illustrations from previous drawings I had, just in a different style. I also added them to my Society6 shop and made two sales! Yay!! Here is the link  

New Painting! SEATTLE

Hi everyone so here is a digital painting I completed yesterday, it is part of a series. I hope you like it. Do you know where this is?? Comment below if you do. Also do you know what in this drawing isn't actually there? :) Have a super day.

Buy Some Prints to Raise Money for Me AND the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

So who wants to buy some prints?? And or commissions? Raising funds for the hotel at the summer conference, the last B School payment and other costs that I have coming up. I would LOVE your support. After I pay those things off, 100% of the money I make from now until Oct 11th will be going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society walk. Yup that's right 100% of the sales will go there, but I can't do that UNTIL these other things are paid up. Please check out my site, if I have posted a drawing that you want a print of, it's simple contact me. THANKS my lovelies!!prints/c1qno