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Email Names Oh How Important

Email name-Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of consulting one on one with artists and writers this past couple of months and one thing that I noticed was that most of the people contacting me have some clever or strange name for their email, and I wanted to suggest how VERY IMPORTANT it is to use YOUR NAME or YOUR BRAND NAME in your email. If you don't have a name at your name dot come yet, that's fine, but then use your first and last name and Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or something. It gets very confusing trying to figure out who the email goes to. I have heard a lot of ADs and editors speak at conferences about it too; it's oh so important. Just thought I'd post this as a gentle reminder of how you're marketing yourself. :)

Rest in Peace David Bowie & Alan Rickman

This week the world lost two great artists to the big C-CANCER both were 69, both were loved by millions. The world mourns this Jan 2016 DAVID BOWIE ALAN RICKMAN

SCBWI Entry 2016 Tomie DePaola Award

Congrats to the winners, this was super fun and I'm glad that I entered.