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For MARCH Paddy's Day

This is the new illustration for March for this blog banner and my website. Last month was groundhog day theme!! 

It's Official! I'm a B Schooler Now~

Screenshot of my welcome to B School! I am sooo excited. I don't yet about the scholarship and am still raising money, but yay I am in!

Donating Drawings to Westie Rescue OC

Here are the prints I am donating to WROC for an event this Sunday. For more info on the event and WROC click on this link. WROC WEBSITE These are of SURF DOG JOEY!

Yippee FINALLY raining!

After not seeing real rain since I left Seattle to come back to L.A. in fall of 2011.. so yay finally we are getting some rain.

Why I Need B School Blog

Over on my other blog I posted a very scary truth telling video of myself and what I need B School.. I hope you will take a look-I am really excited about taking the next step in my career as an artist and writer.

MATS Bootcamp Gallery Live

Yippee!! Mine is the photo from FB and there is so much amazing work in the gallery, you simply must swing by and get inspired! FROM LILLA ROGERS STUDIO FB PAGE The first class gallery from Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp has gone live with 400+ cuckoo clock iPhone cover designs! You can check it out here: http:// bootcamp-feb-2014-gallery/  (And if you want to be part of it, you can still squeeze in if you register before March 13. Find out more at )

B School Fundraising -

Happy Monday! Exciting NEWS from me!! I am putting together a fundraiser for tuition for B school starting March 10th-it's online business school training-which I desperately need. I will definitely be posting it on here. (I just need some time this morning to put it together) I am going to be giving prints and also wait for it... custom illustrations - your kids, or your dogs for donations as inc entive, so if you want to help me pay for B school please send me a message at  and you can start right now even before I have the fundraiser page up. I only need to raise a couple grand (plus the cost of fundraising, printing and shipping) so I know I can do it! THANK YOU so much.  Here are some of the (signed) prints I am giving away with a min donation of $50  

More Adventures in MATS Bootcamp - NEW SHOP!!!

 This is just one of the items in my new shop!!  I am so excited at how awesome these products look. I started the Making Art That Sells Bootcamp at the beginning of Feb because I wanted to try out and see if Lilla Rogers Studio courses were right for me. Within the first week I took all my bills money and signed up for MATS Part A starting on March 31st!!! And yeah it's been tight financially this month, but creatively I feel like I am flying. This is the first sketch I did for the class. I have been in character animation for many many years, and children's book illustration for a long time as well. I love them both dearly but getting to do, and sell, my own work? What a dream. In October of 2013 I started selling some of my Scottie and Westie drawings on Cafepress because someone asked me if they were for sale.. so I opened a shop on the fly-it started because I was going to be in an art show and I had nothing else ready-anyhow, then in November I got so

San Francisco Prints in My Shop

I am not sure if I ever posted these here. These are some of my SF digital paintings which since now I have a new printer, the wait times to receive your prints is much shorter!

Roaring Twenties Alcohol Ad Illustration

Totally different style! I did this for an ad-hopefully it will be in magazines! 

MATS Bootcamp Stuff!!

I am in the 3rd week of the Lilla Rogers Studios MATS Bootcamp.. so here are my cases. Last week I did three mockups, the first three images, well people started requesting to buy the first two-Scotties and Westies----so excited-and overwhelmed-anyhow, so I had to work on the third one for my assignment. Here are the new three. I actually really like these! I hope you do too. I am not sure which one I am handing in yet.  MY SHOP

Valentine's Day Post

My boyfriend and I went away for the weekend so I am a couple days behind in posting. I did this quick drawing on Friday morning before the weekend started. It's of a quote in the film Valentine's Day that I always thought was funny. 

Disney's Elsa & Anna from Frozen in My Style

Okay so everyone is doing their version of Elsa and Anna, I love love love drawing Disney girls, and when I worked there I was always on female leads, BUT I decided to do them in "my style" I hope you like them!!

Yippee For Sale!

Yay so I am actually now selling the assignment from this week. I sold two Westie cases and one Scottie yesterday. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that people like my work. Yay.. Thanks to Lilla Rogers as well for sharing herself with so many of us!

Make Art That Sells Bootcamp Assignment Sketches

I signed up for Lilla Rogers Studios MATS bootcamp that started on Feb 3rd, it's amazing to be part of such a great group of talented artists. As many of you know I have worked professionally as an artist for 18 years, but only have been doing my own art for about 8, because I was always working a million hours at the animation studios-which was great by the way, but I just never had time to do my own work. In the last two years I have really been focusing on my own stuff, but I never even thought about making art that sells. Well since I met Lilla via FB, I got connected with a licensing rep and landed two licensing deals for my pets, now I see a whole world of possibilities for my work. These are some iPhone mock ups for the first month's assignment. I may do other designs as well. I am also enrolled in a children's picture book course, so I am burning the candle at both ends, and of course working on a new picture book, an animation job at the end of the month and commi

On The Good Ship Lollipop! R.I.P. Shirley Temple!

Girl from Six Years Ago

Six years ago I hand drew this girl and hand inked her. Today I colored her.

Make Art That Sells Bootcamp Sketches

Our first assignment was to just have fun!!! This is the first week's work, this week we are putting into a big assignment. I am excited to be part of Lilla Rogers Studio MATS now and can't wait for the full course to start at the end of March. 

København The Next in the Series

The next in the series of cities I am doing!!!  København!

G'Day Mate! SYDNEY

The next one in the series for the show-SYDNEY Australia-one of the best places I ever lived.

My Sister Miyazaki Style

My first drawing in this style. I did this for my sister's birthday as she is a huge Miyazaki fan. I did it in Sketchbook pro and did the thick and thin myself not with a brush-sort of old school, but digital at the same time. It was really fun. 

The Bean!!

I did this last week. It took me a long time, but I knew what I wanted to do when I started that helped a lot. I am doing a series of Crissie in the city with her Westie for an art show in the fall, and yes I am selling prints of these as well. The concept of the show is 5 US cities and 5 outside of the states. This is the second one in the series, the first one was Paris. I am working on the others. This was done 100% in Sketchbook Pro on my Cintiq. :) 

MATS Bootcamp Starts Today

                                          I am soooooo excited to start Lilla Rogers Studio making art that sells or MATS bootcamp today with many other talented artists. I am so inspired just by the comments this morning in the private FB group we belong to, and the first assignment.  I will be posting sketches and fun stuff so please check back often!! 

Groundhog Day!

Yesterday in SoCal it was beautiful so we went to Disneyland to play-finally 50s and 60s and sunny-sorry don't hate us everywhere else-but since I love Groundhog Day I had to do a super quick sketch of Crissie with Punxsutawney Phil. I probably won't have time to clean it up, but I kinda like it all sketchy!!  And  sorry looks like 6 more weeks of winter for the rest of you. First we have to have a winter, then we can have  6 more weeks. :)