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Scribblings This Past Week

I have started building my courses for writers and artists. My big signature course is for writers and storytellers in any craft---so artists---you can come too---but since I'm also an artist I've started doing some fun little sketches for writing prompts and such. This was yesterdays.  This one I did after realizing that a friend who I considered super close was really using me as an option and rides to LAX--which I do love going to LAX-but still.  BTW if you want to know more about my upcoming courses check out my new landing page and sign up to be a VIP


I came across the #kidlit4climate hashtag and I decided to join the bandwagon because it’s something I can stand firmly behind. The campaign is an initiative taken by illustrator Emma Reynolds. It is to stand in solidarity with the young people striking from school for urgent climate action. A lot of grown-ups still don’t take them seriously and this way we can help them amplify the message. We make our books and pictures for young people, so let’s start helping them out, even though a little. You can follow them on Instagram: @kidlit4climate or simply check the #kidlit4climate hashtag. See this link for more information. #kidlit #kidlitart #artist #childrensbooks #illustrator