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New Stuff for MATS A Class

Today is the first day of Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers. And this morning I did some painting in water colors for the fruit part and then this afternoon I did some sketching in Sketchbook Pro for the other part, this is really fun!!


Since I am starting two new intense classes tomorrow, I know I won't have much time to sleep so today I took advantage! :) 

Happy Friday!

New Logo job

Hey everyone! I just finished this fun logo for KidLit TV in New York. It was a really fun joob! And if you want to get some of my work right to your inbox please sign up here Sign up for inspiration and smiles! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

Happy Wednesday!

MATS March Bootcamp Gallery

Yay I am sooo excited to see my work in the MATS Bootcamp gallery. This month was bolt fabric patterns. I created about 10 and chose this one to submit because I ended up falling in love with it. I am also trying to create a pattern style that is very similar to my children's book work. Here is the link to see the whole gallery-I am on the first page, but there is tons of great work. I am brand new to this, so I get inspired every day by all the amazing talent in this group. And yes I signed up for MATS A starting on Monday!

Happy Monday!

Be Fearless!

Today's lesson in B School had me inspired! I did some major reworking on my website, which was scary, but I did it. If you like this image below and or want to sign up for free doodles etc. Please stop by my website

Mixology KIDS!

Check out a whole new Mixology tonight on ABC - here is my take on them as kids. I am working on a whole series!

More on MARCH Bootcamp-PATTERNS

So if you look down to my post a couple days ago you can see how different this turned out. Yesterday Lilla gave us a fun assignment and a new color palette to work with. This top design is the final I turned it. I am really loving this class, it's great!!                                                 A mock-up I did last night for fun.                                                                           Just the nighty Just the pattern                           Same idea with some small changes-this one printed really nicely.                           I may use it. For my VISION board! I call this DREAMING~                                                             The palette I created for this assignment. Oddly enough the girl was just for the palette exercise then she ended up in the design. Funny how that happens sometimes.                                              

Happy Paddy's Day

My Drawing Featured in Kidlit411

Yay woke up to this nice surprise today. My illustration featured here

Pattern FUN

Children's Books!

Hey everyone! I have been diving into B School this week, as well as my Make Art That Sells Bootcamp assignment. I am doing good, I think, with pacing myself for each class. I am also finishing my picture book-and writing my chapter book-to get ready for a class. That said since my business really is children's media and children's books, I drew this on Monday after a long day because someone asked me "why children's books?" This quote popped into my head. 

MATS Bootcamp March---JELLO

Hi everyone so as you know I am taking what they call Make Art That Sells from Lilla Rogers Studio . I love it.  I am in the bootcamp now-which runs 6 months and on March 31st I am starting the full MATS A course. I can't wait. I love learning new things to do with my art. Here are some sketches that I did this week for the mini assignment. I did them using mixed media-markers, Sketchbook Pro, Painter and just plain pencils. I hope you like them!

Graphic Designer for a Day!

Hey everyone so I am doing some graphic design for infant onesies for a client who wanted animals with patterns. I created all of this in illustrator-because I am an illustrator first, I drew the animals then I made the patterns and then used the clipping mask to achieve the look. Oh they are in CMYK, hence the gray background.

It's My Birthday!

Illustration Friday-VOICE

It's Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday!!

Happy Mardi Gras!!  I just had to do one of Crissie in New Orleans! Not part of the show---not yet. 

Be Kind!

Sometimes it's really hard to walk away from unkind people, but I invite you to take it one step further and be kind to them. Maybe they are having a bad day, who knows, but it's always a nice thing to do cuz they probably do need it the most. I try to practice this always. 

Rainy Day Friends